Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Well, I'm Back.....

So I'm back! Did you miss me? Most of my life has been on Facebook of late and I haven't been doing much on the side. My day job has kept me pretty busy, add to that any number of side jobs, and I haven't had much to share.

That said, my oft spoken of Epic is ready to go into production and I thought I'd change the focus of this blog once again to a more focused look at the project. At some point, I may break off a separate blog to cover just that content.

Today is the first day of my Christmas break, and I've decided to make a concerted effort to get the pre-production work on my Epic out of the way, or at least started. I've been developing this thing for at least the last 4 years on and off. It's seen a lot of changes and I've collected enough characters, plots and scenes to write half a dozen tales. Some time mid-year I ported it all over to Scrivener to try to get a handle on it. My intention for today was to get back into it and start shaping the project file into a usable state, but alas, I've found that as powerful as Scrivener is, it may not be the best day-to-day tool for me.

I'm a visual person, and though you can see a project in both pin-board, text and outline form, and move elements, cross-reference notes, etc., Scrivener just doesn't let me see the big picture the way I need right now. For that reason, and others (not the least of which is getting a fresh start), I decided to go to a real-world pin-board and post-it method of working out my story. I figure that having a physical presence in my studio will make it easier to keep it fresh and active as well. Hidden away in computer file means I only take it out to work on sporadically. I'm hoping that having the Story on a wall, in plain sight will help both with clarity and spontaneous changes and updates. We'll see.

So instead of writing this morning, I moved my big pin board from one wall to another, put a few more holes in the wall and got my studio rearranged to accommodate it all. I find that often I need to get the setting right before getting started on a new endeavor.

I hope to make a regular habit of blogging my progress and start building some awareness of the project as well as make some promises I feel compelled to keep.

Watch this space!

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Og said...

Good luck. I'm looking forward to it.