Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hack and Slash

Sorry about the blurring -just not at a place where I'm ready to share the raw notes!
Spent today's 2 hrs (maybe more) reconciling the written outline with my Scrivener notes and my handwritten notebook. For the most part it was easy and interestingly enough, some major ideas I though I developed in the last few days had existed previously in some corner of my notes. I can't say if I was subconciously recovering them, or if I came to the same point by separate paths. In any case, the fact that I came to the same conclusion twice suggests that I was on to something.

I also found it interesting in reviewing my notes that sometime around last March, I got really lost in self-doubt. My God, the sudden gutting and gyrations I went though is astounding. I literally spent part of my day today writing comforting notes to my former self telling him, it was OK and that these "problems" were in hand. What I found was that I lost the core of the story, but now it's back and feeling solid. I guess I had to have a moment (or month) of testing my own faith to prove that I had been on the correct path to begin with.

I still have a lot of notes to go through, but I need to get on with my day. It's been pretty tedious getting through it all, but over time, as I ruminated on the story, and did research, read influential source material, etc, I had a lot of inspiration coming from many angles and frankly they can't all live together and so need to be reconciled.

I have to say, the whole process has been really energizing. The discovery of this world, though long in the making seems very fresh and new to me. I'm actually surprised how much I like what I've put together: the characters, the setting , the plot, the locations. This is a story I would read.


Steve Ogden said...

It is pretty funny that you've come to the same place twice by different roads. So - is this to be a text novel or graphic novel, or heavily illustrated text novel, or...?

Marc Hudgins said...

I've waffled a bit on Illustrated Novel and Graphic novel (at one point I was thinking experimentally and was looking at Illuminated Manuscript as a format :P), but in the end, I think my heart lies with graphic novel. I have more confidence in my ability to tell stories with pictures than words.